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In the future I will

In the future i will be a police man. I want to be a policeman because i want to help people. I want to change the neighbourhood and the neighbourhood is called Biskopsgården.


You need to be nice to the people outside when you’re working. But when you have a mission you have to take it seriously. You have to be strong,not afraid,nice,calm.


Working as a policeman in Sweden have a high demand on the individual police officer personal characteristics. To fulfill the duties of the police needs of the individual police officer to be very versatile. It should be law-abiding ie follow the as it is the person is employed to maintain thhis har proved to not always be so easy when even policeneb convicted of crimes.


In the future I will

In the I future i will be a police officer or a footballplayer.

I want to be a police officer because I want to help people who have difficulties.I want to help people who are struggling. I want to help them because in my area there are many who have it hard and I want to change that. As a police officer needs to be strong, unstressed, kind, patient, take responsibility. I love working as a police officer, it makes me feel good.



In the future I will…

In the future i want to be a preschool teacher beause i love to play with the kids and teach them to count and paint. I have always wanted to be a preschool teacher, that has been my dream for like 5 years. To become a preschool teacher i have to pass elemetary school and highschool.
I will certainly move to Libya when i get a little older so i’ll continue to be a preshool teacher in my home country.
In the future i want to live in Libya close to my parents and my family. I want to live in a big house with my husband and two children. With my family i want to travel to Spain because my father lived there when he was 19 years old and he told me that Spain is a very beautiful country and there is so many things to do like swim, eat sea food and meet new people with diffrent culture. I want to see my favorite fotballteam Barcelona play in Spain, that’s my plan for the future.

In the future i will be..

In the future, I want be..
I want to become a flight attendant in the world’s best airlines, SAS.
SAS works with Lufthansa.
Being a flight attendant is not only to give service to others and go back and stay in the front of the plane.
Is more than you think.
Why I want to become a flight attendant is because I like to fly around to many different exciting countries.
I mean then I will surely get married.
But before, I always said that I want to grow up with my parents and die with my parents.
I still stand for what I said.
But it’s of course that I have a dream like all the other girls to get married.
Do you want to know how my dream husband should look like?
Ok let’s go. He should first and foremost be mulatto.
What I mean by mulatto, that his skin color should be light brown.
He shall be my neat prince.
He’ll bite on his lips for me.
My prince will have green eyes.
I only want to have 2 children.
I want a guy named Adam, and a girl with the name Julia.
I want to live in Sweden with my future husband and children.

In the future I want to work as a teacher. But I also consider working with traffic or finance. I want to get married when I’m 25 yeats old and I would really like to travel to Spain since it’s a wonderful country with a lot of sun, and also Istanbul, since I want to see Galatasaray and FC Barcelona play before I die. In the future, I plan on staying in Gothenburg.

In the future will….

In the future I want to live in Sweden or in France, and I want to work as a kindgergarten teacher, cause I’ve always wanted to be working as that because I love children. In the future I want to travel the World, because I love to see new countries. I’m gonna get married when I’m around 23 or 24 years old and I want to get 3 Babies. I gonna have a big house with a swimmingpool in Dubai.

In the future I will..

In the future I will be a pirate. Yeah I know, it sounds crazy right? At first you maybe think “Oh, he is going to be a bad person, stealing and stuff”. But you got it all wrong! Did you know pirates don’t need to be bad people? To be a pirate, does also mean to be an adventurer. And that is what I will be, as long as I want to.

Well now you may wonder how I, as a normal human being, will achieve this in the future, living as a pirate as long as I want to. And that is a good question my friend, and I will tell you.

I believe that the paradise that existed on this earth, when Adam and Eve lived, will reappear, on this very earth. That is what I believe in.

So if you think about it, living in a peaceful world forever, being a nice pirate would not be impossibe, from my way of thinking it, right?

But actually, from the very beginning, it was not even my original idea to be a pirate. A dear friend of mine invited me to be his first official crewmate, and that feels awesome!

And as pirates we will be travelling around the wide world, through the seas, on adventures and of course make people happy!

Have a nice day 😀

In the future I will

In the future I will work as a district doctor to be a district doctor you need to finish elementary school, high school and study 5 years in the University and work 2 years as a ordinary doctor. I want to have an Audi R8 Spyder GT, Audi R8 is the regular version but the Spyder GT have a spoiler and a better Engine so It’s better looking and faster.I will marry a gorgeous wife she is going to be kind and good at cooking food and i forgot to tell the  Audi R8 Spyder GT COST 1,3 MILLIONS but i want a cabriolet so it will be a Little more expensive so in shaa allah In the future I will have all of that

In the future I will

In the future I will be a doctor. To achieve my goal I have to fight twice as much. I want to be a doctor because I like helping people and save their lives. I want to make it possible for young people by their will and goals passions can change the world when I become a doctor. To help others is to make the impossible possible for the people. Education is the key to success. When I achieve my goal, I want to live in an eco-friendly house in the future Biskopsgården to help the earth planet. Helping the earth planet is also to safeguard the health.

In the future I will..

In the future I will become an estate agent. That’s my plan for the future. I want to become an estate agent, because I love to talk, socialize and be around people. Selling houses sounds like the perfect job for me. My biggest plan for the future, and also my biggest dream is to meet Miley Cyrus. She is my role model, my favorite singer and I love how she acts as an actress. I’m obsessed with her. She’s weird and I love her. I want be an actor, like Miley, but an actor with better and mature movie roles than her. I’ve got way more plans for the future that I want to accomplish. Getting married is also an achievement, I want to accomplish. I want to get married after I’ve became an estate agent and have saved up for the perfect amount of money. I want to get married in a luxury and beautiful country or place. Hawaii maybe? After that, I want to have babies as I’ve planned. I want to have around 3 babies. I personally think that I will be an amazing father, the superior father, because I will raise my kids to become mature and smart for their age. I look forward to it already. I want to make babies when I am around 25 or 26 years old, and have the perfect job and the perfect wife.

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