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Månad: mars 2014

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In the future I will

In the future I will be a flightattendent. Because I like ro fly around the world.

I want to be flightattendent becsuse they are nice to the passengers. And I know I can be a nice person to others. Flightattendent serves food and drinks to the passegers in the plane. And I think that could be me in the future.

And I like their uniformed. I don`t know why but I don`t like their skirts maybe it is because they short.

A flightattendent needs education from highschool or maybe from college to. And maybe to go in a course for 3000 dollar. I think that is the education.

The best part of the job is you get afree travel wherever you want in the world. But it is only one time in the year the flightattendent can get that.

A flightattendent have to be effective,swimmers and have a good sight.

In the future I will..

In the future I will become a Designer. Now I´m in school and i´m planing to educate myself. After that I´ll go to Highschool and then College ofcourse. Five years later I´ll be out from Highschool, and sure I´ll be on college.

I´ll study to become a Designer, because I don´t know I just like to design even though I´ve never tried but it seems to be a really funny thing to do.

Sometimes I draw things I designed, that’s also funny. You can see how you want somethings to look like by just drawing it and it’s pretty simple.

I planing to do what I like, because if I do something I don’t like, it wouldn’t be funny I guess.

To be more sure in the future maybe I’ll be something else, perhaps not a Designer because I’m only 14 yeras old right now so I’m not  really sure, things may be different.

That was all from me, bye.

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